3d/craft_toolsUseful tools for various crafts.valhalla7 years
3d/diceVarious dicevalhalla6 years
3d/piecepackPiecepack setvalhalla6 years
3d/tubular_structuresConnectors to build various structures using aluminium tubesvalhalla7 years
bookmarks/brick_mortar_and_webA curated list of brick and mortar shops that sell onlinevalhalla3 months
bookmarks/gl-comoLink della serata del GL-Comovalhalla10 days
crafts/bdfsmBDFSM Cross stitch patternvalhalla5 years
crafts/clipartRandom clipartsvalhalla12 months
crafts/craft_patternsA collection of pattern for miscellaneous crafts.valhalla3 months
crafts/fiber_patternsA collection of pattern for fiber crafts - knitting, crochet, etc.valhalla5 months
crafts/origamiOrigami modelsvalhalla11 months
crafts/sewing_patternsA collection of sewing patterns.valhalla7 weeks
docs/candy_from_strangersCaramelle dagli sconosciuti e altri motivi per usare aptvalhalla2 years
docs/guide-fossArticoli sul Software Libero ed Open Sourcevalhalla7 years
docs/introduzione_a_gitMateriale per una lezione di introduzione a gitvalhalla4 years
docs/latex_per_esempiEsempi autospieganti per una lezione su LaTeXvalhalla6 years
docs/presentazione_espruinoSlides e codice per una presentazione di espruinovalhalla7 years
docs/rest_per_esempiEsempi autospieganti per una lezione su reStructuredTextvalhalla6 years
docs/talksSlides and other matherial for talks I've givenvalhalla3 years
electronics/arcerinoA quick arduino gamegit repository hosting13 months
electronics/coloursRGB LED colour conversionsvalhalla14 months
electronics/fuzzy_alarm_clockAlarm clock that does not show the timegit repository hosting14 months
electronics/ipydataData transfer via mqtt and visualization via ipythongit repository hosting14 months
electronics/mood_lampMood lamp with capacitive controlsgit repository hosting14 months
electronics/rfc4824Implementing RFC 4824git repository hosting14 months
electronics/rotary_phoneVoIP conversion for a rotary phonegit repository hosting14 months
firmware/TERES-KBDTeres keyboard+touchpad firmwarediego
pages/docsA collection of HOWTO and computer related docs.valhalla2 months
pages/lifolabSito web del LIFO - Laboratorio Informatico Free ed Openvalhalla6 years
patterns/accessoriesValentina patterns for accessoriesvalhalla20 months
patterns/blocksBlocks from various drafting systems, for Valentinavalhalla4 months
patterns/contemporary_clothingValentina patterns for contemporary clothingvalhalla15 months
patterns/edwardian_outfitValentina patterns for edwardian clothingvalhalla3 years
patterns/menswearValentina patterns for contemporary menswearvalhalla22 months
software/bubbrosPython3 porting of bubbrosdiego4 years
software/cherrylesanaAn html front end to lesana using cherrypy.valhalla7 years
software/debdateConvert Gregorian dates to Debian Regnal datesvalhalla3 years
software/hazwazA python3 library to write command line scripts.valhalla4 months
software/kerbanaData storage and visualization platform based on rrdtool and mqttvalhalla5 months
software/lesanaManage collection inventories throught yaml files.valhalla8 weeks
software/namegenA simple markof chain name generator.valhalla7 years
software/pdfscriptsScripts to deal with pdf filesvalhalla4 months
software/ps_graph_paperGraph and other paper in postscriptvalhalla7 weeks
software/pyapdA barebone ActivityPub server.valhalla5 years
worlds/eternal_voltaA setting for Fate Core.valhalla3 years