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@@ -5,3 +5,13 @@ printable, half-size version of the piecepack.
minipack-basic-cards.svg has been manually composed using the svg files in
graphics, based on the proportions/positions from the 3d version, and
includes the basic suites and the cards expansion, in half-size.
+The minipack coins are quite small and prone to be lost: to make a container
+for them you can can make a simple origami box (masu). Two squares of paper
+with sides 6.9 mm and 7.2 mm are a good size for the base and lid
+respectively and are convenient to get from an A4 sheet.
+Additional boxes from 7.2 mm squares can be used as a divider inside a
+bigger container (e.g. a mint tin) to hold the tiles.
+See https://social.gl-como.it/display/3e3ce0df20594401f52e539365029150 for a
+picture of the results made with laminated heavy (120 g/m²) paper.