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* Prepare release 0.4.1v0.4.1Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2019-11-17
* Prepare release 0.4Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2019-11-17
* Prepare release 0.3v0.3Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2019-08-26
* Stop using guacamole (no longer in Debian)Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2019-08-11
* improved metadata in setup.pyElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2019-03-09
* Prepared 0.2 releasev0.2Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2018-12-15
* Start developement of version 0.2Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2017-01-28
* Prepared 0.1 releasev0.1Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2017-01-28
* pyflakes + pep8 cleanupElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2017-01-06
* commented xapian in setup: not on pypiElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2017-01-03
* Convert to use the existing guacamole instead of my own gadonaElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2017-01-03
* fixes to setupElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2017-01-02
* Custom label for entriesElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2017-01-02
* setup.py using setuptoolsElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi2016-12-22