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+manages collection inventories
+:Author: valhalla@trueelena.org
+:Manual section: 1
+lesana [--help] <command>
+lesana is a tool to organize collections of various kinds. It is
+designed to have a data storage / serialization format that is friendly
+to git and other VCSs, but decent performances.
+To reach this aim it uses yaml_ as its serialization format, which is
+easy to store in a VCS, share between people and syncronize between
+different computers, but it also keeps an index of this data in a local
+xapian_ database in order to allow for fast searches.
+.. _yaml: http://yaml.org/
+.. _xapian: https://xapian.org/
+lesana supports collections of any kind, as long as their entries can be
+described with a mostly flat dictionary of fields of the types described
+in the documentation file ``field_types``.
+Some example collection schemas are provided, but one big strenght of
+lesana is the ability to customize your collection with custom fields
+either by simply writing a personalized ``settings.yaml``.
+-h, --help
+ Prints an help message and exits.
+ Creates a new entry.
+ Edits an existing entry.
+ Shows an existing entry.
+ Index some entries in the xapian cache.
+ Searches for entries in the xapian cache.
+ Exports entries from one lesana collection to another
+ Initialize a new lesana collection
+ Removes an entry.
+Many lesana subcommands will try to open files in a text editor choosen
+as follows:
+* first, the value of $EDITOR is tried
+* then the command ``sensible-editor``, as available under e.g. Debian
+ and its derivatives
+* lastly, it will try to fallback to ``vi``, which should be available
+ under any posix system.