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+initialize a lesana collection
+:Author: valhalla@trueelena.org
+:Manual section: 1
+lesana init [--help] [--collection <collection>] [--no-git]
+lesana init initializes a new lesana collection.
+It will create the directory (if it does not exist) and, unless
+``--no-git`` is specified it will initialize it as a git repository and
+create a ``.gitignore`` file with some relevant contents.
+It will then create a skeleton ``settings.yaml`` file and open it in an
+editor to start configuring the collection.
+When leaving the editor, again unless ``--no-git`` is used, it will add
+this file to the git staging area, but not commit it.
+--help, -h
+ Prints an help message and exits.
+ The directory where the collection will be initialized. Default is .
+ Do not use git in the current collection.