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+show a lesana entry
+:Author: valhalla@trueelena.org
+:Manual section: 1
+lesana show [--help] [--collection COLLECTION] [--template TEMPLATE] <entry>
+``lesana show`` will print an entry (specified by id or partial id) to
+A template can be specified with ``--template <template>`` to pretty
+print entries.
+-h, --help
+ Prints an help message and exits.
+ The collection to work on. Default is ``.``
+--template TEMPLATE, -t TEMPLATE
+ Use the specified template to display results.
+The templates used by ``lesana show`` are jinja2 templates.
+The entry fields are available as variables, and the full entry is
+available as the variable ``entry`` and can be used to give access to
+fields with names that aren't valid jinja2 variables e.g. as