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masterfix server crashDiego Roversi12 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysfix server crashHEADmasterDiego Roversi
12 daysmore string to bytearray conversionDiego Roversi
12 more string to bytearray convesionDiego Roversi
12 daysremoved some file that should not be in gitDiego Roversi
12 fix loading of a level in binary formatDiego Roversi
2020-05-03gamesrv: some questionable fixesDiego Roversi
2020-05-03pixmap.y: convert string to bytearrayDiego Roversi convert string to bytearrayDiego Roversi
2020-05-03ppm files: add debugging comment and add some pre rendered fileDiego Roversi
2020-05-03display: more conversion from string to bytearrayDiego Roversi