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masterfix server crashDiego Roversi3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-23fix server crashHEADmasterDiego Roversi
2020-05-23more string to bytearray conversionDiego Roversi more string to bytearray convesionDiego Roversi
2020-05-23removed some file that should not be in gitDiego Roversi fix loading of a level in binary formatDiego Roversi
2020-05-03gamesrv: some questionable fixesDiego Roversi
2020-05-03pixmap.y: convert string to bytearrayDiego Roversi convert string to bytearrayDiego Roversi
2020-05-03ppm files: add debugging comment and add some pre rendered fileDiego Roversi
2020-05-03display: more conversion from string to bytearrayDiego Roversi