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masterAmerican System: front and back details for the waistElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi4 weeks
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2019-01-19American System: front and back details for the waistHEADmasterElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-19Americal System: small adjustments to the waist curvesElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-19American System: base measurement fileElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-19American System: back of waistElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-14American System: front of waistElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-14Revert "Include system-specific READMEs in the main one."Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-14Include system-specific READMEs in the main one.Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-14Readme for the Americal System of DressmakingElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-14gitignoreElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi
2019-01-14Readme and licenseElena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi